About Little Green Sprout

Since 1972, Little Green Sprout has been an enthusiastic apprentice to the Green Giant. Little Green Sprout is an adventurous eater who loves to try new things and is always working on nurturing his healthy eating habits.


Our History

  • September

    Little Green Sprout arrives in the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant.
  • 1972-73

    Little Green Sprout joins “The Valley Helpers” and the Jolly Green Giant in TV commercials and advertising.
  • 1974

    Little Green Sprout helps the Green Giant make his frozen meals microwavable.
  • 1978

    Little Green Sprout debuts his official sleeping bag. A good night of sleep is just as important as eating your veggies!
  • 1984-86

    More collectibles are available for consumers, including Little Green Sprout telephones, piggy banks, dolls and alarm clocks.
  • 1990

    Little Green Sprout creates his own Family Health Club with activity books, mailings and premium offerings.
  • 2015

    Green Giant is acquired by B&G Foods.
  • 2016

    Little Green Sprout accompanies the Green Giant on a road trip across America. The pair made their way across the country to all of the “giant-sized” iconic landmarks and attractions.
  • 2017

    Little Green Sprout statues are erected around Blue Earth, Minnesota, to go along with the world’s largest statue of the Jolly Green Giant.
  • 2018

    New line of certified Organic Veggie Blends is launched.